Product Design


What is Amp’s Artist Insights?

AMP’s Artist Insights serves to provide users with an overview of streaming data, artist collaborations, activity, programming placements, Pandora Metrics, and an audience map. These allow users to immediately see how an artist is doing in order to drive their business and marketing strategy forward. The project touched on every step of the UX/UI process from stakeholder interviews, workshops, user interviews, wireframes, and design. All while creating a design system that would be leveraged for current and future projects.

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Product Design


Willdan’s accounting team was using a combination of excel spread sheets, paper invoicing and web portal to keep track and bill their clients. The project was to automate task and provide a solution that would help streamline their day-to-day accounting needs. While allowing a clear workflow and path of the projects state and billing cycle.

Case Study - pdf

UX Research Design & UI Design

Mercury Insurance Customer Portal

Mercury had a customer portal that was read only. The customer support calls to add, replace, and/or edit vehicle and driver information was overwhelming the call centers. It was time that we allowed users to make the adjustments they needed to their policies. Making sure the users found this process easy and lower the customer support calls was key.

Casey Study - pdf

UX Research Design & UI Design

NFL Digital Media

The NFL has 32 teams and all 32 teams had different agencies that designed and maintained their online homes. NFL Digital Media was formed so that the NFL could have a consistent user friendly web portal. Not only did the customer facing side had to be easy to use. The challenge was getting all 32 teams an admin platform where different internal teams could make updates with very little to no computer science backgrounds.

UX Research UI Design and Development

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture shifted its entire product line form retail brick and mortal to online. They needed a new approach and a proven UX experience. UX RESEARCH WAS KEY, to the success of this project.

UX/UI Research & Design Lead, Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, InvisionApp, Axure, HTML, SCSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Git and Jquery.


UX Research Design & UI Design


I had the opportunity to visit news stations to understand the different workflows. After user research, testing and several wire frame sessions, FUEL was born. FUEL is a digital streaming and monetization solution whose exceptional viewing experience has the longest session duration in the marketplace, generating ten times the ad impressions for audience owners, content providers and advertisers.


UX/UI Design and Research

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita is a high-end fashion brand that was experiencing drop-off conversation rate. It was steadily declining by 5-7% weekly. After careful research, we found that the user was confused with the add to cart to payment flow. Once we pinpointed the problem, we tried and tested a few flow options via wireframe. Once we found flows that tested well. We released both flows to 20% of the traffic. 10% for flow A and 10% for flow B.  Flow A proved to turn the conversion rate by 15%.

Lead the User Research, wireframe, UI design, and front-end development team.


UX/UI Design and Front End Development


AlertMiner finds your most profitable opportunities based on critical customer information, then lays out the deal that customers will be most receptive to.

Led the UX/UI Design and Development of the new and improved front end application. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, InvisionApp, Axure, HTML, SCSS, Javascript, Subversion and AngularJS.


UX Research Design & UI Design

PMD Alliance

Our client was in need of an easy to use iOS application for a specific demographic that spanned from the ages of 50+. The application is used to search and find events that the user can attend online. It also is used to notify when new events or events that the client chooses to attend. The team required quick results with just a few participants.  I knew that was going to lead us to qualitative research. 

Wireframes in Axure, Designed using Sketch & Adobe Creative Suite.

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